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Youngnam Co., Ltd. CI

this CI(symbol) resembles a blooming flower. Its petal means 6 continentals and 5 dots resemble pollen
spreading to 5 oceans. The CI represents our endless passion and devotion on healthier, better products
at a reasonable price.

  • Symbol

    The center of flower resembles "Y" first character of Youngnam, 2 petals imply
    2 important values - products and services, 5 dots represents the company's
    vision(pursuing hapiness and values) and 4 core values(diligent, challenge,
    passion, creation)

  • Watermark

    Using bold types, represents the company's goal, to be a pioneer.


Bright olive green represents the company's mantra, to offer better and healthier products.

RGB : 152 / 186 / 68
CMYK : 47 / 11 / 87 / 0